When I was five, I would sit down with my mom and draw for hours. She would teach me about colors and I began to see the world through a new lens. It was rich quality time and for many years, the only activity we could afford. Today, creation is at the center of my life, both in art and in business.

Painting has been a self-taught process and to be honest, one propelled by a need to push my own boundaries and explore the unknown. Over the years, I’ve realized that I love to draw and to paint, but even more so, I love to share my world with others. My art evokes a state of mind, mixing aspects both mental and spiritual.

I have always nourished a profound sense of admiration for women: their vulnerability, strength, courage and determination, whether they pursue careers in traditionally male spaces, emigrate from foreign countries, or dedicate themselves to building a family. Most of my abstract portraits embody women that inspire me – women I wish I knew and who influence the woman I am evolving into every day. 

Vivid colors seem to symbolize their tumultuous journeys, while their eyes recall a state of mind. My art is a place to feel, reflect and look within yourself: they may remind you of a stranger, a former lover or the woman you aspire to become.

Jess xox